Michal (loveben) wrote in oc_ryan_caps,

community closing

community closing

I'm sorry to announce that oc_ryan_caps is closing.

I've opened this community to answer the grewing needs of Ben fans for Caps of the ever so lovely Ben/Ryan on the oc show. But with growing obligation's of real life and between Running my other 2 commnitys and moding the Benjamin mckenzie board in fanforum, I just dont have the time to run this community any more.

If you're looking for some good Ryan caps, you can find a lot of great quality Caps at BenMckenzieFan.com

If you interested in taking over this community contact me at my journal

Thank you for being a part of this community, and please be sure to come and visit my other two community's: ben_pix_central and theocpix

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